World of Hyatt RFP

Agency: Brierley + Partners | Role: Art Director

World of Hyatt cares about its members and understands how their travel can create memorable moments. The promotion name “Memorable Days, Rewarding Nights” evokes the emotional power of travel. The inspirational day and night photography add interest to the bonus offer and bring the concept to life. The bonus offer in this concept has up to five free nights.

Main computer - GIF copy.png

The use of the animated GIF for the website masthead and promotional email plays off the “Memorable Days, Rewarding Nights” concept. The "REGISTER NOW" button is encouraging members to take advantage of the bonus offer,  while the hyperlink gives non-members an opportunity to join World of Hyatt.


We recommended to incorporate a banner on the app home screen to entice members to click through to the promotion screen.


We felt that utilizing Instagram's story feature was a great way to communicate the bonus offer in an inspirational way and allowing for members to register right through the app.

An in-room table tent allowed us to cleverly showcase both parts of this concept.